07/05/2015. Hakoneyama, Nishinoshima, Calbuco .

07/05/2015. Hakoneyama, Nishinoshima, Calbuco .

Hakoneyama, Japon :

Japan’s Meteorological Agency is warning of a possible minor eruption at Mount Hakone near Tokyo.
The agency issued the warning at 6 AM on Wednesday. Officials raised the alert level for the complex volcano by one notch to level 2 on a scale of 5.

Agency officials are warning climbers to keep out of the areas around the crater. They say a possible minor eruption may impact the Owakudani Valley, which is a popular tourist spot.
They say the region has been experiencing a growing number of earthquakes originating from the volcano since April 26th.

Three minor tremors were observed at the foot of the volcano on Tuesday.


The officials have confirmed slight crustal movements since late April.
This is the first time a warning has been issued for the areas around Mount Hakone’s crater.

14 earthquakes were felt by 11 AM on Thursday. In all, more than 1,000 temblors have struck the area, including tremors too slight to feel.
On Monday, local authorities banned entry to areas within a 3-kilometer radius of the Owakudani Valley.

Source : NHK World.
Photo : Reuters

Nishinoshima, Japon :

Nishinoshima continues to emit lava.

The Nishinoshima Island, which, since November 2013, is growing in the Ogasawara Islands in Japan, continues its eruptive activity, lava flows that increase its size and volcanic ash emissions. During recent observations over the period of 22, 23 and 27 April, the weather conditions were not good and it was not possible to obtain data on the shape and size of the island, however, it seems that the magma supply continues without any signs of slowing down.


It was observed that the lava flows from a single point on the slope northeast of the pyroclastic cone reached the northeast through a lava tube coast, generating steam columns in four points. The eruptions occur much less frequently, between 2 and 3 per minute and from the crater, a “plume” from white to bluish gray-brown rose from 300 to 450 m. This coloration is due to the emission of gases and ashes.


Nishinoshima view from the northeast. Lava reaches the sea through a tube and produces steam on contact with water. Japan. 27 April 2015. Japan Coast Guard. JCG

Cracks and holes that are parallel to the coast were observed, again with a warning against the risk of tsunami. Therefore, an exclusion zone to 4 km of navigation is recommended. Around the island an area of 200-300 meters with yellow-green discolored water on the north coast was observed.

Source : Avcan, Kaiho.mlit

Calbuco, Chili :

During the last few hours, it was observed slight increases in seismic activity and and area represented by temporary increases in the amplitude of volcanic tremors and gas flow and surface particles. The volcanic system in recent days, presented a fluctuating behavior, suggesting that it is in an unstable phase that could turn into a new eruptive pulse in a short term.
Therefore, the probability of progression to conditions promoting a revival of the eruptive activity continues and therefore suggests maintaining the restriction of access to the high danger zone around the volcano.


In addition, the unstable pyroclastic material accumulated on top of the volcano and its slopes and surrounding areas could be remobilized by rain to form lahars along rivers that drain the volcano and neighboring basins. Thus, it is suggested to pay special attention to the occurrence of these phenomena because of rain forecast in the coming days, particularly in the rivers that descend from the volcano, and a 200 m wide each side of them, as well as in other areas where there is a large accumulation of pyroclastic materials.

Source : Sernageomin.
Photo : enteratehoy.cl

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