11/03/2015. Villarica , Sinabung, Ubinas.

11/03/2015. Villarica , Sinabung, Ubinas.

Villarica, Chili :

The Servicio Nacional de Geologia y Mineria (SERNAGEOMIN) and the National Network for volcano monitoring through its Observatorio Volcanológico los Andes del Sur (OVDAS), announced that during the last days, the volcanic activity of
Villarrica volcano has been on a downward trend, with reduced seismic average ~ 3 cm2, values considered as low for this volcano, suggesting that the process has lost its intensity, reflecting a relaxation phase of internal processes . Also, during a survey conducted yesterday, in collaboration with the Onemi and Carabineros of Chile, it has been observed that, inside the crater, the collapse of the deposited materials has already taken place and the internal conduit is now visible, which continues to be partially obscured, and began a low degassing process, a fact that was confirmed by the thermal images.



In particular, it continues to generate small landslides of eruptifs materials which
were ejected during the eruption, it is suggested to maintain a restricted zone with a radius of 3 km. Therefore, the level of volcanic alert Amarillo, which according to our protocol is “changes in the behavior of volcanic system” is maintained. However, it is emphasized that, post-eruptive episodes of volcanic system come with some degree of instability, it is possible that new phases of activity occurring in the future.The SERNAGEOMIN – OVDAS continuous monitoring with attention Villarrica volcano, timely and informs on changes in activity associated with it.

Source : Sernageomin.


Sinabung, Indonésie :

Sinabung in Karo District, North Sumatra, erupted again on Monday emitting pyroclastic materials and volcanic ash, said the Volcanology and Geological Hazard Mitigation Center (PVMBG) .The eruptions that began to 7:11 local time were held 17 times until 10:30. the PVMBG reports that pyroclastic flows reached 4,500 meters south of the volcano as volcanic ash s’ has spread to 3,500 meters into the sky to the south-west and north of the volcano.


Thundering sound of the eruption of Sinabung could be heard in areas with a radius of five kilometers from the crater. “It was the first massive enough Sinabung eruption in February. At least 10 villages in the districts of Payung and Tiganderket and were covered with volcanic ash, “said the head of the observation of Sinabung, Armen Putra, to the Jakarta Post on Monday. He said that Mardinding and Payung were the most affected villages. They were covered by thick ash because they are close to the volcano’s crater.


However, Armen said that the authorities had not recommended to residents of the two villages to evacuate because the conditions were still considered safe.
“So far, the situation is relatively safe The eruption is considered to have no direct threats on people’s life. So, it is not necessary for the villagers to evacuate,” said Armen, while urging residents to stay alert on the volcanic activity of Sinabung, which remains high.

Source : The Jakarta post.
Photos : Mbah Lëwå./ Endrolew

Ubinas, Perou :

Lp events showed a slight decrease from the previous period, registering 132 LP / day and 7.7 MJ / day. Earthquakes of type “tornillo” increased compared to the previous period, with 16 discrete observed / day (previously three discrete / day). Energy values reached 2.3 MJ / day.



Earth tremors Hybrid keep the values of the previous week, with two HIB / day and 0.1 MJ / day energy. There was a peak of activity on March 8 with eight events fracture type earthquakes show a rising trend. For this period, there were 24 VT / day and 8.4 MJ / day of energy, doubling the values reported last week. The activity of small tremor (short-term and low energy) remains present in this period, accumulating 12 minutes of recording. The maximum height observed for water vapor emissions reached 400 meters above the crater. In addition, an intense cloud intervened every day on this massif.Il was not detected thermal anomalies or high density values for SO2 on the Ubinas volcano.

Source : IGP.
Photo : Rpp.com

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