19/03/2015 Villarica , Chapparastique , Raung.

19/03/2015 Villarica , Chapparastique , Raung.

Villarica, Chili :

The National Geology and Mining Service (SERNAGEOMIN) and its national network of volcano monitoring, through the Volcanological Observatory of the Southern Andes (OVDAS) announces that , following the volcanic activity, a special report (REAV) released March 17 at 22:15 hours on the activity of Villarrica volcano, whose explosion generates emissions of ballistic materials were deposited around the crater continuously, causing nighttime glow and the regular emission of fine ash Wednesday morning.


“The previous behavior was accompanied by a continuous tremor of low magnitude, showing the low seismic activity of the current process, suggesting greater internal activity in a partially open system,” says the National Director of SERNAGEOMIN Rodrigo Álvarez Seguel.


For this reason, the institution said that the volcanic system has entered a phase of increased activity, which may progress to instability phase and eventually evolve into an eruptive cycle similar to that which took place on 4 last March .Therefore, the technical level of volcanic alert level is changed into Orange. In the present scenario, with the possibility of occurrence of a minor eruption is considered dangerous area that contained in a 5 km radius around the crater and also the channels that descend from the volcano.

Source : Sernageomin
Photo : Lago Villarica

Chapparastique ( San Miguel) , El Salvador :

During the period of March 11 to today, the flow of sulfur dioxide emitted by the volcano has fluctuated between 584 and 1049 tonnes per day (t / d), considered as an important value above the level of 620 t / d.

During the thermal and visual monitoring inspection on 17, on the crater, it was found that there is a maximum temperature of 130.3 ° C on the northern edge of the central canal (Figure 1) showing it partially obstructed after a small landslide of the east wall.


Figure 1. High temperatures measured with the infrared camera inside the crater.

Slight to moderate fumarolic activity was observed, to perceive the presence of sulfur dioxide gas (Figure 3)
From Wednesday, March 11 until the publication of this report, the seismic vibrations of the Chaparrastique volcano fluctuated between 64 and 97 RSAM units on average, with an average of 78 units, close to the normal value 50 RSAM units.


Figure 3. Evidence of small gas pulses emitted by the volcano.

The volcano is still active, no change expected in future episodes, during which small expirations, gas and ash explosions or landslides may occur.
For this reason, the MARN continues its enhanced device monitoring, maintaining close communication with the General Directorate of Civil Protection and local observers.

Source : Marn

Raung , Java , Indonesie :

Strombolian activity continues from the vents inside the summit caldera of the volcano. Raung’s alert level of the volcano was raised to 2 (on a scale of 1-4) a week ago.


An increasing number of volcanic-tectonic earthquakes had been detected. These quakes are indicators of rock breaking at depth, which can be caused by pressurized fluids, such as magma, intruding into the system.

Source : Volcanodiscovery
Photo : Andi / volcanodiscovery

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