Copahue, Chile : instability of the volcanic system.

Copahue, Chile : instability of the volcanic system.

Special volcanic activity report (REAV) Bío Bío Region

Based on the analysis of information collected by the monitoring stations installed near the Copahue volcano, The Servicio Nacional de Mineria y Geología (SERNAGEOMIN) – Observatorio de los Andes del Sur Volcanológico (OVDAS), announces:

At dawn on August 19 between 3:03 local time (6:03 GMT) and 03: 42 local time (06: 42GMT) near the volcano Copahue was recorded a seismic swarm composed of 37 volcano-tectonic type events , associated with the breaking of rigid material, at the North – North – East, 11.9 km from the main crater and at the depth of 4.41 km. The highest energy of the earthquake swarm presented a local magnitude of M 2.0 and was recorded at 3:11 local time (6:11 GMT).

Location data are:
Latitude: 37.810765 °
Longitude: 71.048025 °

No changes were recorded in the activity of the volcano area that is attributable to the swarm. No report has been transmitted from the community in Caviahue (Argentina) or surrounding areas. At the time of publication of this report the swarm has decreased and the number of events returned to the level recorded before. The instability of the volcanic system is still evident in his behavior, manifested by the appearance of seismic swarms. Due to the foregoing, the volcano remains at the technical level of alert : YELLOW.

August 24, 2015. Copahue, Chile :


Photo : (2013) Capture d’écran, Jorge Aranda

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