Copahue, Chili : seismic swarm under the volcano .

Copahue, Chili :  seismic swarm under the volcano .

The National Emergency Office of the Interior Ministry reported the occurrence of a seismic swarm under the volcano Copahue in the early hours of Wednesday. The agency has published information of the Volcano Observatory of the southern Andes (OVDAS) of SERNAGEOMIN, an entity that, in its special report Volcanic Activity (RAV) for the Bio Bio region, recorded this phenomenon that was composed of 37 events in the early hours of August 19, between 3:03 and 3:42 hours.

This seismic swarm was located 11.9 km north-northeast (NNE) of the main crater with a depth of 4.41 km. No changes were recorded in the activity on the volcano area , which are attributable to the swarm. In addition, there were no reports of noticeable earthquakes around the volcano, said the agency.

Since then, the swarm has decreased and the number of events is returned to the level recorded before. The OVDAS maintains its level of technical level yellow alert and Onemi maintains the yellow alert for the municipality of Alto Bio Bio, as of June 3, 2013, when the level of red alert was taken away. It also remains a high risk area, the first 2.5 kilometers around the crater and it is recommended to limit the approach to this sector.

20/08/2015. Copahue, Chili :

Source: BioBioChile
Photos : Nicolas Sieburger

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