Copahue, Chili : the Copahue volcano showed sporadic nocturnal glow.

Copahue, Chili : the Copahue volcano showed sporadic nocturnal glow.

Special volcanic activity report (CSR)
REGION OF BIO BIO – October 6 2015 13: 00 HL

The National Geology and Mining Service (SERNAGEOMIN) – Volcano Observatory and the southern Andes (OVDAS) announces that:
Earlier today October 6 at 2:02 local time (5:02 GMT), , suggesting an area of activity associated with small explosions in the crater, engaging in intense degassing process and lower seismic amplitude.

When lighting conditions are permitted, there was the issue continues with the release of particulate matter and a low power level, from the El Agrio crater. This activity is the result of a process described in REAV issued on October 1 at 16:00 HL. The emission column has a gray color, reaching a height of 200 m above the crater and moves to the south – east of the volcano.

At the time of publication of this report, there is no further significant change in the activity described above.
In the present scenario, volcanic risks are limited to the adjacent proximal areas of the crater. Therefore, we recommend maintaining an exclusion zone of 2.5 km around the crater El Agrio, the level of technical Amarillo alert is maintained.
SERNAGEOMIN – OVDAS continue online monitoring and timely inform on changes in the activity of the volcano.

October 08, 2015. Copahue, Chili :


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