Nevados De Chillan , Chile : short duration emission of ashes.

Nevados De Chillan , Chile :  short duration emission of ashes.

Special volcanic activity report (REAV)

January 08 , 2016 19: 00 HL
The National Geology and Mining Service (SERNAGEOMIN) – Observatorio Volcanológico of the southern Andes (OVDAS) announces that Friday, January 8, 2016 at 5:56 p.m. local time (20: 56GMT), there was of short duration emission of ashes from volcanic Nevados de Chillan complex associated with the recording of a LP type event (related to fluid dynamics inside the volcano) with a local magnitude of M 2.9, suggesting activity from a deep hydrothermal system, consistent with the scenario described in the latest report.

Subsequently to the emission, , seismic activity returned to levels recorded before the event. In the present scenario, it is likely to produce new ash emissions, linked to a process of destabilization of the hydrothermal system, following a transfer of heat driven by a deep underlying magma body.
The level of volcanic technically alert remains at Amarillo, with particular attention to the temporary evolution.
It is suggested to limit access to the surrounding areas of the Southern Cone Crater (1 km radius) and areas of fumaroles.
SERNAGEOMIN -OVDAS continuous online monitoring, and report timely to the changes in volcanic activity in the region.

The Nevados de Chillan volcanic complex includes a series of volcanoes and volcanic centers, focused Northwest / Southeast to 7.5 km in length: the Santa Gertrudis (volcano with the most recent eruption in 1861 that caused by lahars in Ñuble river); the volcano Cerro Blanco (the largest); Secondary craters in an ancient caldera; Nuevo volcano (formed in 1906); the volcano Arrau (formed in 1973); the last small secondary craters Chudcún (2003) and Sebastian (2008), the sub-complex Las Termas; and finally Viejo volcano.

Note: announcement on its website preventive evacuations of residents and tourists.

January 09 , 2016. Nevados De Chillan , Chile :

Source : Observatoire volcanologique des Andes du Sud (OVDAS)
Service national de géologie et des mines (SERNAGEOMIN)

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