Planchón -Peteroa , Chile : one (1) earthquake associated with rock fracturing .

Planchón -Peteroa , Chile : one (1) earthquake associated with rock fracturing .

Special volcanic activity report (REAV)
Maule Region. 28 JUIN 2016 10:02 p.m. (local time).

The National Geology and Mining Service (SERNAGEOMIN) describes the following information obtained through the monitoring equipment processed and analyzed by the Volcanological Observatory of Southern Andes, to the central data interpretation of the national monitoring network of the volcano Planchón -Peteroa:
Today, Tuesday, June 28, 2016 on 22:02 local time (2:02 GMT), the monitoring stations near the volcanic complex Planchón -Peteroa, recorded one (1) earthquake associated with rock fracturing (volcano – tectonics), located 4.3 km north-northeast (ENE) of the main crater.

The location obtained was as follows:
ORIGINAL TIME: 10:02 p.m. hl (UTC -4)
LATITUDE: 35 ° 12’10.20 “South
LENGTH: 70 ° 33’21.60 “West
DEPTH 4.8 km

1. No surface activity is recorded on the volcano by IP cameras.
2. No other event of the same type or signs of an increased activity after the earthquake recorded.
SERNAGEOMIN continuous online monitoring and report timely to the changes in volcanic activity in the region.

07/02/2016. The National Geology and Mining Service (SERNAGEOMIN), in charge of the National Network of volcanic surveillance of Chile (RNVV) and the Volcanological Observatory of Southern Andes (OVDAS) reported the technical level alert yellow for the volcanic complex Planchón -Peteroa, located in the municipality of Romeral, province of Curicó, Maule Region of Chile. The nearest cities are Los Queñes and Paso Vergara.
The technical institution said that the result of this decision is the increased seismic activity observed for a few days, concentrated in an area immediately below the main crater. This would imply a fracture system activation process which could then facilitate the rise of magma and thus trigger an eruptive episode in weeks / months.

“Although the events recorded have low energy levels and are detected by using sensitive surveillance system installed on the volcano, increased seismicity and location of these events suggests changes in the level activity base of the volcano and the result was the modification of the alert level to yellow level, “said the national director of SERNAGEOMIN Rodrigo Alvarez Seguel.
For its part, the mayor of the Maule region, Pablo Donoso Meza, said: “We are in constant coordination with the SERNAGEOMIN the Onemi and agencies to monitor the volcano’s activity.”
In addition, Ricardo Toro, National Director of ONEMI said that “the whole declaration of the Civil Protection system for yellow alert is activated, both at community, provincial and regional levels. In addition, all have prepared contingency plans, and the necessary monitoring of the the volcanic complex is increased, both locally and instrumentally. “

Peteroa Planchón monitoring is done by six seismic stations, infrasound sensor, 3 IP cameras, 2 inclinometers.


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July 03 , 2016. Planchón -Peteroa , Chile :


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