Villarica , Chile : increase in the surface activity.

Villarica , Chile : increase in the surface activity.

Special volcanic activity report (REAV)
REGIONS Araucania -Los Rios.

April 3, 2016, 50 10 am
The National Service of Geology and Mining (SERNAGEOMIN) through the Volcanological Observatory of Southern Andes (OVDAS) announces that Sunday, April 3, 2016, at 07h 50 (10: 50GMT), the monitoring stations near the Villarrica volcano, recorded an increase of the energy of the seismic signal of volcanic tremor (signal related to the circulation of fluids in volcanic conduits).

In the case of Villarrica, they are closely related to the dynamics of the lava lake, and reached maximum values of reduced displacement of 20 cm2 and seismic amplitudes of 28 microns / sec, values considered as moderate for this volcano. In addition, through the web cameras installed around the volcano, it was observed an increase in the surface activity, represented by the observation of an incandescent and strombolian activity at the crater.
In addition, RSAM values exceeded for more than an hour, the threshold for yellow alert.
Because of this situation and the characteristics of a volcano with a conduit open and characteristics of lava lakes active, it may be an unwanted activity related to the current dynamic, involving the expulsion of ballistic fragments projected in areas near the crater.

Monitoring parameters indicate that the basic thresholds have been exceeded, the level of technical volcanic alert is changed in Amarillo.
Therefore, it is considered that the high risk area in the current scenario corresponds to a radius of 1 km from the center of the crater, it is recommended to apply access restrictions in this area.
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April 05 , 2016. Villarica , Chile :



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