Chiles – Cerro Negro , Ecuador : the seismicity has decreased slightly.

Chiles – Cerro Negro , Ecuador : the seismicity has decreased slightly.

Update of the activity recorded in the volcano area Chiles – Cerro Negro, Province of Carchi

The instrumental monitoring network of volcanoes Cerro Negro and Chiles by the Geophysical Institute of the National Polytechnic School (IG-EPN), the Volcanological and Seismological Observatory of Pasto and the Colombian Geological Service (OVSP-CGT) maintained the supervision of events in the area of influence of the two volcanoes.
During these first days of April, it shows that the seismicity has decreased slightly compared to previous weeks with an average of 20 events per day.

Earthquakes are located south of the Chiles volcano between 1 and 11 km deep, the energies are small, less than M 1.8 degrees.
Earthquakes related to rock fracturing remain dominant, as in previous months.
Although a gradual decrease in the number of seismic events to be recorded on the volcano , the volcanic system has not returned to a balanced state.

It can not be excluded that occur in the next few weeks earthquakes that can be felt by the population. Therefore, it is recommended that the authorities and communities to remain attentive to the information and recommendations provided by official entities.

The IG-EPN and OVSP-SGC continue to work together for the continuous monitoring and analysis of the activity, volcanic hazards and corresponding to the socialization of this information permanently to the authorities and communities in the region.

April 15 , 2016.Chiles – Cerro Negro , Ecuador :

Source : IGEPN.

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