12/03/2015. Reventador , Sabancaya , Zhupanovsky.

12/03/2015. Reventador , Sabancaya , Zhupanovsky.

Reventador, Equateur :


The volcano’s activity continues at a level considered as moderate. Because of the bad weather, it was not possible to observed the surface activity.




Seismicity: 15 explosions, two episodes of harmonic tremor and seven events
long-period (LP) were recorded.
Observations of emissions and ashes : because of bad weather in the sector, there were no observations at the surface. The volcano remained cloudy in the afternoon yesterday and this morning.
Thunderstorms and lahars: rain in the area that did not generate lahars were recorded.
This report on a daily basis will be published at 15:00 (TL). In the case of an increase or a change in the behavior of the volcano, it will immediately be issued a special report.

Source : www.igepn.edu.ec
Photo : José Luis Espinosa Naranjo.

Sabancaya, Perou :

The sismovolcanic activity of Sabancaya is monitored by the OVS-IGP through 18 seismic stations in real time (15 + 03 temporary stations). Three are telemetric stations (real time) which are located very close to the crater.

During this period, the type of VT seismicity (associated with fracture of rocks), decreased, recording 128VT / day. VT seismicity is distributed by forming two well-defined foci in northern Sabancaya. The first outbreak is located 14 km NNE of the crater, where three major events (respective local ML 3.8, 3.7 and 3.5 ml) were recorded, these earthquakes were located south of Pinchollo and Maca. The second area located 22 km NW of the volcano crater, or were recorded the three events of greater magnitude (M 3.6 and 2 events of 3.5 ML) and superficial; these earthquakes were located near the town of Cabanaconde.


The hybrid-type events designating the rise of magmatic material in this period increased slightly; but are still rare.
LP seismicity, indicating the passage of fluids, averaged like last week, averaging 68 LP / day. Tremor such events are rare.
Fumarolics emissions of Sabancaya were sporadic, mainly the first 4 days and increased on 08 increasingly dense and constant. Emission heights decreased compared to the previous period; 900 meters above the crater level this week.
The Mirova thermal monitoring system, by satellite, did not detect significant thermal anomalies; IMO system does not detect significant SO2 anomalies for the period.

Source : IGP
Photo : A. Van Eaten

Zhupanovsky , Kamchatka :

53,59 N, 159,15 E;
Summit : 9702 pi (2958 m)
Aviation Colour Code: ORANGE

The moderate explosive eruption of the volcano continues. Several small ash clouds have been observed to the east of the volcano.


Ash explosions up to 19.700 to 26.240 feet (6-8 km) asl could occur at any time. The current activity could affect international low-flying aircraft.
The volcano continues to produce intermittent moderate and low emissions of ash in recent weeks. With the Shiveluch and Karymsky (much assets) to the north, there are currently three erupting volcanoes in Kamchatka.

Source : Kvert , Volcanodiscovery.
Photo : A Gavrilov


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