16/03/2015. Turrialba, Nevado Del Ruiz.

16/03/2015. Turrialba, Nevado Del Ruiz.

Turrialba, Costa Rica :

Current state of activity of Turrialba volcano

After the eruption of fragments of ash and incandescent rocks occurred on March 13 at 9:07 p.m., activity across the western crater remains with low emissions and ash. However, the level of seismic activity of the volcano is high, similar to that observed since October 2014. As stated in yesterday March 14, 2015 report, after each eruption short period of ash and rock, the volcano showed a period of calm followed again by other eruptions. Although this lull was a little longer than the previous (36 hours) since its last eruption, new eruptions are still awaited.


These conditions indicate that the conduit where the gas, ash and rock emanate is obstructed, limiting the pressure degassing generated inside the volcano. When the gas pressure becomes too strong, will produce excessive cracking, leaving spurt out hot ash and rocks of the conduit from deeper levels.

Raúl Mora, a volcanologist at the National Seismological Network (RSN) said in Telenoticias that once calculated, the magma was about four kilometers from the surface. Currently, however, this material can be 1.5 or one kilometer from the crater crater. After the eruption recorded at 9:07 p.m. Friday Mora argues that one can not exclude the presence of magma because nobody’s walked into the active crater.

The OVSICORI remains alert and aware of changes that may result.

Source : Ovsicori


Nevado Del Ruiz, Colombie :

Regarding the monitoring of the activity of the Nevado del Ruiz volcano, the SERVICIO Geologico COLOMBIANO through the OBSERVATORIO VULCANOLÓGICO Y SISMOLÓGICO OF MANIZALES reports:
The seismic activity of the Nevado del Ruiz volcano in the last week continued to record a volcano-tectonic seismicity rate associated with rock fracturing in the volcanic structure. These seismic events were mainly located in the Northeast, Southeast and North of Arenas crater, and to a lesser extent in the crater at depths ranging between 0.2 and 9 km. The maximum magnitude recorded during the week was 1.3 ML (local magnitude), corresponding to an earthquake on March 7 at 7:36 (local time) at a depth of 1.31 km, located 2 ,2 miles north of Arenas crater.


nevado del ruiz

Photo 2014.

Regarding seismic activity related to fluid dynamics within the volcanic conduit, the Nevado del Ruiz volcano, recorded changes towards the end of the week. March 8, at 20:56 appeared a volcanic tremor, which continued to be recorded until the date of issue of this newsletter. This seismic event is associated with the emission of volcanic ash into the atmosphere, which was confirmed by images captured by the cameras that are installed in the volcano area. It was also reported ash fall by the staff of National Park Los Nevados and the Volcanological Observatory of Manizales, as well as residents near the volcano and the municipalities of Manizales and Villamaría (Caldas). The ash diffusion direction is in line with the wind regime. The continuous volcanic deformation show some changes.

nevado del ruiz

Photo 2012

In the atmosphere, the volcano continues to emit significant amounts of water vapor and gases, such as sulfur dioxide (SO2) which is highlighted. The gas and steam column reached a maximum altitude of 1500 meters above the top of the volcano, most of the time, it was observed white, but in recent days have shown the brown and gray tones due to the presence of ashes. The dispersion of the column was mostly in the north and northwest of the volcanic structure.
Authorities recommend a maximum caution on the shores of the rivers originating from the volcano especially rivers Molinos, La Marcada, Guali, Azufrado and Lagunilla, also on the road from Manizales to Murillo . It is important to be aware of any other changes can occur in volcanic activity. Monitoring of the volcano is a task for everyone, if you see ash falls or changes in the rivers of the volcano , please report it to the observatory.

Source : SGC.

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