07/04/2015. Tungurahua, Klyuchevskoy.

07/04/2015. Tungurahua, Klyuchevskoy.

Tungurahua, Equateur :

Increased activity of the Tungurahua volcano

After the last episode of volcanic activity that began in August and s’ was completed in September 2014, the volcano has shown a marked decrease in all monitoring parameters. Remember that the last process of eruption was characterized by the presence of moderate explosions and degassing important of SO2 over three weeks. In this final episode occurred small pyroclastic flows which descended two kilometers below the summit, on the NW flank.


These flows are presented as the product of the explosions, so it was impossible to predict with great advance, the information provided on the changes of the state of the volcano, to prevent problems for people living in the lower flanks of the volcano. In February 2015, we started to see a gradual increase in seismicity and the occurrence of a small eruption on February 19 (Special Report N-1-2015), which was followed by a decrease in the number of tremors events until now. In recent days, an increase in the concentration of SO2 is observed by monitoring stations, reaching at the station Pillate 1407 ± 961 tons of SO2 a day in April 2, 1267 April 3 ± 368 and 1459 ± 417 observed on April 4 .


Ash emission to the west of the volcano (Photo F. Naranjo. OVT IG EPN).

From today April 6th at 3:56, we began to detect a spasmodic tremor, of moderate amplitude, typically associated with ash emissions in the seismic monitoring stations near the crater. Around 5:00, the tremor signal was already evident in all seismic stations around the volcano, mainly in the RETU station that is closest to the crater.


Seismogram of RETU station, located on the upper side of the volcano, showing the shaking of the tremor, recorded today, April 6, on the Tungurahua volcano.
In addition to the reports of the Tungurahua Volcano Observatory issued by the observers, report noise coming from the volcano. Around 7:30, the reports indicate light ash fall in the areas of Chacauco and Manzano. In the area of Alto Punzupal a fine ash fall was reported that, as in other sectors, were white and gray on all sheets, with a strong smell of sulfur, and causing itchy nose. From Palitahua was observed a column of gray ash clouds to the west.

Source : IGEPN

Klyuchevskoy, Kamchatka :

Explosive eruption of Klyuchevskoy volcano finished on March 24, 2015. Satellite data shows a temperature of a thermal anomaly over the volcano have a negative value in March-April. High seismic activity of the volcano continues, but we think that it connected with a rebuilding of magmatic system of the volcano – magma to turn down into volcanic channel; and a deep crater will form at the volcano summit. According to video data, a moderate gas-steam activity of the volcano continues.


Gas-steam activity of the volcano continues. Aerosol plumes could affect low-flying aircraft.

Source : Kvert.
Photo : Yu. Demyanchuk, IVS FEB RAS, KVERT

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