11/06/2015. Sinabung , Concepcion, San Cristóbal.

11/06/2015. Sinabung , Concepcion, San Cristóbal.

Sinabung, Indonesie :

Visually, the dominant activity is in the form of smoke emission and accumulation at the top of a lava dome that is often followed by summit lava avalanches and hot clouds of avalanches. In this period, the number of earthquakes of avalanches has increased compared to the previous week. This increasing number of avalanche earthquakes has also been accompanied by an increase in RSAM trend showing an increase of the energy contained in those events.


The daily number of volcanic earthquakes (especially earthquake VA), Hybrid and Low Frequency (LF) showed an increase, although this number fluctuates daily, indicating the permanent pressure or supply of new magma. Measurements of deformation with EDM station of Sukanalu shows a deflation model. The measurements with the inclinometer of Sukanalu station in the period of June 7, 2015 until June 10, 2015 on the component of the X axis (tangential) and Y axis (radial) also showed a pattern of deflation ( after a few days of inflation earlier). The flow of SO2, last week showed an increase of 237 tonnes / day (4 June 2015) to 529 tonnes / day (9 June 2015). The temperature and the chemical composition of warm water (CO2) showed no change from the previous period.

sinabung 1

Potentially explosive eruptions still occur and threaten within 3 km, but the threat of ash eruptions can reach more than 3 km due to the direction and strength of the wind. The growth of the lava dome at the summit with the cumulative volume of the protrusion continues to grow (nearly 2 times the previous) and is unstable, causing the collapses of incandescent lava and hot clouds of pyroclastic avalanches. After the last avalanches (April 28, 2015 5:02 p.m. GMT) lava dome growth continues to induce the potential power of incandescent lava dome, lava flows and hot pyroclastic clouds that threaten SSE -is (Batukejan road / bridge crossing Sibintun- Lau Benuken, Tigapancur-Ojolali-Tigapancur, Beganding intersection Perjumaan Tigabogor).


The glowing clouds from the west side of the tip of the tongue of lava threaten village Sukameriah, Gurukinayan, Pintumbesi town, village Tigabogor , hamlet Sibintun , Tingapancur-pejumaan. While the east side of the lava flow threat to train village Simacem, Bekerah-Village (sector in the East-Southeast). Given that these changes are strong enough, they could undermine the stability of the north slope with the potential to cause landslides and flooding during the rainy season, limited to the area around the valleys and streams. The potential is still high lahars from sludge ash / eruption of matter, given the relatively high rainfall. Lahars that could occur in the valleys of the rivers that discharge of G. Sinabung.

Based on visual and instrumental observation data as well as the potential danger of the level of activity of Sinabung, dated June 10, 2015 at 6:00 am, the level of alert of Sinabung remains at IV (Awas).

Source : VSI
Photos : Endrolew , CNN, Match.

Concepcion, Nicaragua :

Surveillance bulletin of the volcanic activity of volcano Concepcion the last 24 hours:
51 gas explosions were recorded, for a total of 1,726 explosions since the volcano began its recent activity. The last explosion took place at 8:41 today.


Continued strong activity on the Concepcion expressed with microseismic and volcanic tremors times of up to 1 hour. Volcanic gas emission levels at present are not a danger to the public.

Source : Ineter
Photo : Radionicaragua

San Cristobal , Nicaragua :

12,702 ° N, 87,004 ° W
Elevation 1745 m

According to INETER about 41 gas explosions occurred at San Cristóbal between 1354 and 1625 on 6 June. The strongest one occurred at 1355, and generated an ash plume that rose 200 m above the crater rim and drifted SE. After the short period of increased activity, San Cristóbal returned to a calm state.

San Cristóbal

The San Cristobal erupting , 8 sept 2012.

Source: Instituto de Estudios Nicaraguense Territoriales (INETER), GVP

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