17/06/2015. Sabancaya, Nevado del Ruiz , Popocatepetl .

17/06/2015. Sabancaya, Nevado del Ruiz , Popocatepetl .


Sabancaya, Perou :

The sismovolcanique Sabancaya volcano activity is monitored by the IGP-OVS through 18 seismic stations in real time (15 + 03 temporary stations). Three are telemetric stations (real time) which are located very close to the crater. During this period, the type of VT seismicity (associated with fracturing of rocks), has increased dramatically, reaching an average of 141 VT / day. VT seismicity is located on a single seismic focus in northern 10 km away of the crater, aligned North – West / South-East, where three VT events were recorded, the first 3.9 ML 11 June at 16:25 UTC, while the other two were held on June 12 ML 3.6 and ML 3.8. Hybrid-type events (designating the ascent magmatic material), decreased, recording four HIB / day on average. In addition, the energy remained at moderately low levels.


LP seismicity, indicating the passage of fluids during this period decreased, recording an average of 70 LP / day. Energy has also dropped this week, reaching levels normally seen. No event “Tornillos” (associated with the fluid pressure in the cavities) during this time have been registered. Tremor type of events remained, on average of 2 Tremors / day; while energy remained at a very low level. The maximum height reached by emissions during this period was 1200-1400 m above the base of the crater.
In addition, the fumaroles emitted, mainly water vapor, were constantly low average density; while the magmatic gases (bluish) were observed sporadically. The thermal monitoring satellite system Mirova detected no significant anomaly; while the OMI satellite monitoring system of SO2 continued to show low density levels of SO2, similar to the previous period.

Source : IGP
Photo : La Republica

Nevado Del Ruiz, Colombie :

Activity Bulletin of Nevado del Ruiz volcano.

Yellow activity level or (III): changes in the behavior of volcanic activity.
Regarding the monitoring of the activity of Nevado del Ruiz volcano, the SERVICIO Geologico COLOMBIANO through the OBSERVATORIO VULCANOLÓGICO Y SISMOLÓGICO OF MANIZALES, informs that:

During the last week, the various monitoring parameters show that the volcanic system remains unstable. Seismicity was mainly associated with fluid dynamics in volcanic conduits. This activity is mainly located in the crater, west and south of it and was characterized by recording multiple episodes of volcanic tremors, which are associated with the movement of fluids and gases and so that ash emissions into the atmosphere.





In addition, continued recording of seismic activity associated with the fracturing of the rock in the volcanic structure. Earthquakes are located mainly in the northeast and southwest of the Arenas crater at depths between 0.5 and 8.0 km. The maximum magnitude recorded during the week was 1.8 ML (local magnitude), corresponding to an earthquake located in the Arenas crater, which took place on June 11 at 3:49 (local time) at a depth of 1 , 26 km. Continuous volcanic deformation show some changes.

In the atmosphere, the volcano continues to emit significant amounts of water vapor and gases, including sulfur dioxide (SO2). The gas and steam column reached a height of 1000 meters above the summit of the volcano, and is sometimes seen with gray tones due to the presence of volcanic ash. The direction of the dispersion of the column was in harmony with the wind regime, which remained mainly towards the northwest sector of the volcanic edifice.

Source : SGC
Photo : Ingeominas

Popocatepetl, Mexique :

June 16th 11:30 (1630 GMT on June 16)

In the last 24 hours Popocatepetl volcano monitoring system registered 37 exhalations accompanied by low emissions of steam and gas. Today, a low intensity explosion occurred at 04:09 h. 3 volcanotectónicos earthquakes at 4:25, 4:28 and 4:53 with preliminary magnitudes Mc = 1.4, Mc = 1.2 and Mc =1.6, respectively, were also detected.


During the night, it was observed a glow in the crater that was accompanied by the emission of gases and water vapor.
At the time of this report, there is no visibility, but this morning, the volcano was observed with a continuous emission of gases and steam towards the east-northeast.
CENAPRED urges not to approach the volcano and especially the crater.

Source : Cenapred .
Photo : Karel Del Angel

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