19/06/2015. San Cristóbal .

19/06/2015. San Cristóbal .

San Cristobal , Nicaragua :

12,702 ° N, 87,004 ° W
Elevation 1745 m

INETER reported that at 09h07 on 12 June an explosion at San Cristóbal generated a gas-and-ash plume that rose 2 km and drifted SE. An explosion at 18h35 produced a gas plume with low ash content; the height of the plume was unable to be determined due to inclement weather.

san cristobal

INETER noted that seismicity remained at background levels. Seismic signals detected a lahar between 18h50 and 19h29; an observer reported that the small lahar descended the W and SW flanks.

Source: Instituto de Estudios Nicaraguense Territoriales (INETER)
Photo : Wikipedia

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