21/04/2015. Colima, Klyuchevskoy , Nevado del Ruiz , Fuego .

21/04/2015. Colima, Klyuchevskoy , Nevado del Ruiz , Fuego .

Colima, Mexique :


El Fuego de Colima records volcanic explosions and daily exhalations, generating ash columns from one to two thousand meters height above the crater. In this video of April 19, we can see a spectacular explosion that generated pyroclastic flows.

Pyroclastic flows are mixtures of hot gas, ash and rock fragments (tephra), which descend the flanks of the volcano at high speed over 100 km / h. The development of these pyroclastic flows poses the greatest risk to the public within 15 to 20 kilometers south of the volcano.

Source : AVCAN
Vidéo : Webcamsdemexico

Klyuchevskoy , Kamchatka :

56.06 N, 160,64 E;
Elevation 15580 ft (4750 m)
Aviation Color Code is YELLOW

Strong gas-steam activity of the volcano continues. Aerosol plumes could affect low-flying aircraft.
Strong gas-steam activity was observed. An incandescence of the volcano summit was noted on April 13-15. Satellite data showed a weak thermal anomaly over the volcano on April 13-15.


From 13 to 16 April , volcanologists teams on the ground, went to Apahonchich seismic station for geodetic work on the eastern slope of Kliuchevskoy volcano.

The weather was beautiful in those days. In the morning light frost allowed that day, the temperature rises to zero. In parallel with the investigative work, photos were taken to active volcanoes: Klyuchevskoy, Sheveluch. The activity of Kliuchevskoy began to grow. It was observed explosions in the crater. The interval between explosions was about 20 min.

Source : Kvert .
Photo : Volkstat . Ru

Nevado del Ruiz , Colombie :

– April 20, 2015
Subject: Special Bulletin of activity of the Nevado del Ruiz.
Yellow Activity Level or (III): changes in the behavior of volcanic activity.

Regarding the monitoring of the activity of the Nevado del Ruiz volcano, the SERVICIO Geologico COLOMBIANO through the OBSERVATORIO VULCANOLÓGICO Y SISMOLÓGICO OF MANIZALES, informs that:

Around 8:23 local time today until time of issue of this newsletter, a seismic signal probably related to the emission of ash (unconfirmed) or the movement of fluids in the volcano is recorded. This signal is different from pulses of tremor that occurred several times, but had similar characteristics. Following this seismicity, there is the possibility of a further increase in the activity of the volcano.



It is recommended to maintain information to the community on current changes of the volcano. e SERVICIO GEOLÓGICO COLOMBIANO via L’OBSERVATORIO VULCANOLÓGICO Y SISMOLÓGICO DE MANIZALES closely follows the evolution of the volcanic phenomenon and will continue to timely report on the changes that may occur.

Source : SGC

Fuego , Guatemala :

A more intense phase of activity with the effusion of a 2 km long lava flow on the southeastern slope into the Taniluya canyon occurred during 17-18 April.


Activity has now returned to normal levels of intermittent strombolian explosions.

Source : Volcanodiscovery
Photo : Wikipedia / Kevin Sebold (CC BY-SA 3.0)

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