23/05/2015. Telica, Asosan ,Piton de la Fournaise.

23/05/2015. Telica, Asosan ,Piton de la Fournaise.

Telica, Nicaragua :

Nicaragua is on alert for a new powerful explosion of Telica volcano, officials said. Authorities sent a team of volcanologists and brigades of the Ministry of Health to listen the slopes of the mountain. The communication spokeswoman of government Rosario Murillo reports that President Daniel Ortega has received “superb photographs” of explosions of the volcano , who continues to emit a lot of gas and ashes.


“We are with new explosions of Telica, 92 explosions since noon yesterday, three very intense this morning,” said Murillo. He explained that the volcano “issued many gases, ashes and fragments of hot rock.” The explosions were accompanied by minor earthquakes.


A dozen or communities near the volcano were visited by health care brigades mobilized for those who may be affected by smoke and ash. “We cross the country, working to help families affected by this situation .

The Telica began seismic and eruptive activity at the beginning of May. As Concepción volcano on the southern island of Ometepe. The Telica is located 112 km northeast of Managua (capital) and is one of the most active volcanoes in Maribios Mountains.

Source : Lainfo
Photo : alertacatastrofes.com , El NuevoDiario

Asosan , Kyushu , Japon :

Overall, activity has decreased and incandescence has not been seen during the past nights. The current activity is dominated by strong steam and gas emissions from crater 1 and, to a lesser degree, from crater 2 in the northern end of Nakadake crater complex.


Intermittent small phreatomagmatic (magma-water interaction) explosions with typical cock-tail emissions of dark ash and blocks, followed by steam trails continue to occur from crater 1.


Access to Nakadake remains restricted.

Source : Volcanodiscovery .
Photo : Webcam , gscf.fr



Piton de la Fournaise, La Réunion :

Volcanological BULLETIN MAY 22 7:00 p.m.

The eruption that began Sunday, May 17, 2015 continues.

Earthquake Activity:
For 30 hours, the tremor shows significant fluctuations with periods in which are level increases by 200%



Since the beginning of the eruption 101 Volcano-tectonic earthquakes (20 / day on average) have been identified and 28 collapses.
Specifically, over the past 24 hours, 17 Volcano-tectonic earthquakes were identified and 3 collapses.

Geochemical measurements (Volcanic Gases):
The flow of SO2 peaked on May 17 with a main plume dispersion in the northern sector (Partage) and Western (Enclos); since a gradual reduction of the flow of SO2 is observed approximately a factor of 10.

Figure 2: Pics of SO2 concentrations (ppmv) at the top of the Piton de la Fournaise

The measures:

Multigas (PTO at the top):

– SO2: significant concentrations (see Figure 2)
– H2S: continued significant levels observed before the start of the eruption
– CO2: stable at high values

CO2 flux by the ground (Rift N120):

– CNRP (OVPF): Further increasing trend
– PNRN (Plaine des Palmistes): stable to high values
– BLEN (Piton Bleu) stable at high values


©Serge Gélabert

Lava flows estimated from SO2 emissions may have evolved about 47 m3 / s on May 17 less than 10m3 / s from May 20

Measurements of strain
No significant change since the beginning of the eruption, so, no deflation of the summit and the base of the summit cone.

Measures the flow of lava
These are estimations of lava flows by satellite measurements

Contribution from Diego Coppola (performed in Turin)

Date                                   flow (m3 / s)

17/05/15 23:00TL           24,2
18/05/15 09:55 TL          14,5
18/05/15 14:20 TL           13,0
19/05/15 00:15 TL           8,7
19/05/15 10:40 TL           10,5
19/05/15 13:25 TL            5,6
19/05/15 22:50 TL           2,3
20/05/15 14:05 TL           6,4
21/05/15 10:25 TL            2.5


(© OVPF / IPGP / Diego Coppola Turin)
Figure 3: Average Time Discharge Rate calculated from the Modis satellite since the start of the eruption

In general, whatever the satellite (Modis or MSG) between the start of the eruption and May 21 the flow decreases significantly. Please note, we do not have data for the last 30 hours, during the fluctuation of the intensity of the tremor.



In the field. During the night between 21 and 22 May, observers report that large variations in activity were evident with particular 3am increasing the height of fountains (over 50 meters high) the collapse of part of the crater under construction and the establishment of a new very fluid lava drain on the right bank of the main flow.

To date no recognition due to adverse weather conditions.

Source : OVPF
Photo : Serge Gelabert (zinfos974.com) , Loic Herode.

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