28/05/2015. Piton de la Fournaise, Sabancaya, Conception, Télica.

28/05/2015. Piton de la Fournaise, Sabancaya, Conception, Télica.

Piton de la Fournaise, La Réunion :

The indicators of the Plaine des Cafres confirm a sharp drop in activity of the Piton de la Fournaise. The tremor decreases in intensity since Monday, May 25 . The lava flows in the tunnel and the now well-built eruptive cone concentrates the only visible activity. “The flow of gaseous emission decreased.


The beginning of the deflation of the cone also testify to the entry into a new phase of the eruption. There are different internal changes during an eruption. Today we are entering a new phase in which it is impossible to predict how long “explain seismologists. However, a resurgence of activity is not excluded if a second crack appears. Everything is possible …

Source : Fournaise info.

Sabancaya, Perou :

The sismovolcanic activity of Sabancaya is monitored by the IGP-OVS through 18 seismic stations in real time (15 + 03 temporary stations). Three are telemetric stations (real time) which are located very close to the crater. During this period, the type of VT seismicity (associated with rock fracturing), remained the same as last week, with an average of 27 VT / day. VT seismicity is in the north and east of the crater. 11 VT very close to the volcano’s crater, which 2 of them have reached magnitude ML 2.9 have been observed. Furthermore, the distal extent of the VT has slightly increased, reaching a maximum of 3.0 ml.

Hybrid-type events (denoting magmatic rise), remain at a rate and a very low energy (1 Hybrid / day), this average is maintained from the beginning of April. LP seismicity, indicating the passage of fluids during this period increased, averaging 51 LP / day. The energy recorded during this period remained in low levels normally seen.


There was no type of event “tornillos” (associated with the fluid pressure in the cavities) in this period. Tremor type of events in this period decreased, averaging Tremors 3 / day; while energy remained at a very low level. The height of fumaroles ejected from the vents of Sabancaya during this period has increased compared to the previous report, reaching 1,200 meters above the crater floor, the average density of emissions had a weak presence of water vapor and gases magmatic (bluish gas).

The thermal monitoring system by satellite Mirova detected no significant anomaly; while the satellite monitoring system of the SO2 , IMO , continued to show very low density levels of SO2, similar to the previous period.

Source : IGP Perou
Photo : photo.sh

Conception, Nicaragua :

11,538 ° N, 85,622 ° W
Elevation 1700 m

According to a 6 May news article, activity at Concepción had increased about three weeks prior and was characterized by fluctuating levels of seismicity and gas explosions. In a 8 May statement, INETER noted that seismic activity and gas explosions at Concepción had decreased since the day before; 15 gas explosions has been detected in a 24-hour period. By 24 May there had been a total of 987 gas explosions detected by the network since an unspecified date of increased activity.


The statement:

12:00 yesterday until 12:00 today, 04 gas explosions recorded, for a total of 991 explosions of this volcano that started its activity recently. The last explosion took place at 9:58 today. By lower levels of emissions of ash and volcanic gases declared, volcanic activity poses far no danger to the public. There was no seismic events on the Concepción in the last 24 hours. The INETER continues to monitor these phenomena and to inform the public of changes that occur

Source : GVP, Ineter.
Photo : misssmithdriftssouth.com

Telica, Nicaragua :

The authorities of the prevention system, care and disaster mitigation (SINAPRED) presented a report on the activity of the Telica volcano and said the explosions of recent times do not provide any indication that something worse will happen, but evaluate the activity of the volcano as normal.


Dr. Guillermo Gonzalez, Co Director of SINAPRED, explained that between 7 and 26 May, the volcano, were registered 647 explosions of various sizes and 21 earthquakes. He said that between 11:00 and 2:43 p.m. on May 26, there were 55 explosions of small dimensions and 4 explosions with ash emissions reaching heights of 700 meters. He explained that this time the ashes were scattered over the surrounding municipalities and ash fall on Posoltega communities have been reported.


Meanwhile, the volcanologist Armando Saballos, of INETER, said that from 11:34 to 12:25, there was an issue of regular ashes, accompanied by seismic tremors that are the ground vibration produced by the high pressure of the release of volcanic material. Subsequently, two gas explosions were recorded, but the specialist said that gas levels are not alarming.


However, he mentioned that the activity of the volcano is normal and has been observed in two-year cycles. “It is not extraordinary that happen. Volcanoes have this behavior. They have their own dynamic, we monitor constantly and when we see something that gives us an indication happens, the high authorities decide to take relevant measures, “added the specialist.” should the people be calm, attentive to the information, it important to implement measures and stay away (1500 meters from the crater of the volcano), because the emission of solids from the crater can be fatal, “he has said.

Source : Sinapred
Photo : Ineter , Sinapred .

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