Alaid , Iles Kouriles : increases in eruptive intensity.

Alaid , Iles Kouriles :  increases in eruptive intensity.

ALAID VOLCANO increases eruptive state

4 MARCH 2016. The island volcano, Alaid, increases in eruptive intensity. Alaid, located in the Pacific Ocean not far from Kamchatka has began to erupt ashes. Scientists believe that the giant’s eruptiive activity has increased.

According to the Kamchatka Group Volcanic Eruption Response (KVERT), today at 3:45 Kamchatka time, satellite pictures show the Alaid ash plume. Volcanic emissions extendrd to a height of about three kilometers above sea level, going in a north-west direction.

Aviation Color Code volcano hazard to aviation changed from yellow to orange.

“The picture shows that the emissions were more ash. This suggests that there is an increase Alaid activity “, – KVERT, the monitoring service.

Prior to February 21 this year, the volcano was at the lowest activity – green

March 07, 2016. Alaid , Iles Kouriles :

Source : Kam24

Photo : kscnet.

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