Asosan , Japan : small-scale eruption Monday morning.

Asosan , Japan :  small-scale eruption Monday morning.

Mount Aso in southwestern Japan’s Kumamoto prefecture had a small-scale eruption Monday morning, its first since Oct 23, the weather agency said.
The eruption spewed smoke about 700 metres above the No. 1 crater of Mt Nakadake, one of the five peaks that constitute Mt Aso, the Japan Meteorological Agency said. There have been no reports of people injured so far.

The agency maintained its volcanic alert level at 2 on the scale of 5, warning people not to approach the crater. Rocks could fall within one kilometre of the crater, it said.
« An eruption of this level can happen at any time, » an official of the agency’s Fukuoka Regional Headquarters said.
The alert level for Mt Aso was raised to 3 following its eruption on Sept 14, which warned against approaching the mountain, but it was lowered by one notch on Nov 24 amid diminished volcanic activity.

December 07, 2015. Aso, Japan :

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