Cerro Machin, Colombia : increase in volcano-tectonic seismic activity.

Cerro Machin, Colombia : increase in volcano-tectonic seismic activity.

Increase in activity: Extraordinary Bulletin of Cerro Machin volcano, December 22, 2015.
Subject: Internal Activities of Cerro Machin volcano. The level of activity: Yellow or (III) remains: changes in the behavior of volcanic activity.

Regarding the monitoring of the activity of the Cerro Machin volcano, the Colombian Geological Service reports that:

From today December 22, 2015 at 06h09 (local time), it was recorded an increase in volcano-tectonic seismic activity associated with the fracturing of the rock inside the volcano, that highlight two earthquakes at 6h09 (local time) and 6h22 (local time), with a magnitude of M3,0 on the Richter scale. These events were reported as felt by residents near the volcano and the municipality of Cajamarca, Tolima.

The location obtained by OVS–Manizales is:

Latitude: 29.39 4? ‘N
Longitude: 75? 23.31 ‘W
Depth: 3.96 km
Magnitude: 3.0 ML

Latitude: 29.39 4? ‘N
Longitude: 75? 23.48 ‘W
Depth: 4.09 km
Magnitude: 3.0 ML

It is recommended to the community to continue to keep abreast of changes in the current activity of the volcano.
The Colombian Geological Survey monitors the evolution of the volcanic phenomenon and will continue to report timely to the changes that may occur.

The small Cerro Machín stratovolcano lies at the southern end of the Ruiz-Tolima massif about 20 km WNW of the city of Ibagué. A 3-km-wide caldera is breached to the south and contains three forested dacitic lava domes. Voluminous pyroclastic flows traveled up to 40 km away during eruptions in the mid-to-late Holocene, perhaps associated with formation of the caldera. Late-Holocene eruptions produced dacitic block-and-ash flows that traveled through the breach in the caldera rim to the west and south. The latest known eruption of took place about 800 years ago.

December 23, 2015. Cerro Machin, Colombia :

Source : SGC , GVP.

Photos : Ingeominas.

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