Chaparrastique , El Salvador : column of about 400 meters to the west .

Chaparrastique , El Salvador : column of about 400 meters to the west .

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Around 5:20 this morning, the volcano Chaparrastique , in San Miguel, issued ashes, generating a column of about 400 meters to the west, to the town of San Jorge. Ash falls were reported in the villages of Caseríos La Piedra , Moritas and Placita.
At the time of publication of this report the volcano continues to emit ash and gas at low altitude.
Local observers confirm the ash falls in the region. The images from the surveillance cameras show the emission of ash. At the moment there are no reports of damag

Special Report No 6 on the activity of Chaparrastique volcano which remains above threshold values
Thursday, 14 January 2016 11:53

In the last 12 hours, the values of the seismic vibration of the volcano have stabilized above the threshold, fluctuating between 366 and 465 RSAM units on average per hour, with an average of 400 units, a situation that continues since Wednesday.
The emission of gases and water vapor goes from the central crater and the energy levels RSAM remain variables, indicating the accumulation of energy and instability in the internal system of the volcano (Figure 1 ).

Figure 1: measurement of the amplitude of the seismic signal averaged over time, from 300 to 400 units.

Captured by the surveillance camera located on the hill El Pacayal, the images show a combination of weather clouds with gas from the crater. The gases are transported in accordance with the wind direction, which this morning was looking west.

Volcanologists of MARN were present in the region last January 13 and confirmed that the wind in the volcano area moves the ash deposited during the eruption process and remobilized it, moving down the volcano on the southwest flank.

The interpretation of the monitoring data show that the internal system of the volcano is still unstable, and this behavior may continue for the next few hours or days. Please note that it is not excluded that an increase in the activity of the volcano blows again ash emissions and even the possibility of the presence of magma to the surface .

Including the eruption of December 29, 2013, there were a total of 22 similar eruptive episodes to date; however, this is one of the more intense events.

January 15 , 2016. Chaparrastique , El Salvador :

Source : Marn

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