Chaparrastique , El Salvador : The volcano Chaparrastique has decreased its degassing.

Chaparrastique , El Salvador : The volcano Chaparrastique has decreased its degassing.

The volcano Chaparrastique has decreased its degassing.

Since the images recorded by the webcam, it is obvious that the volcano Chaparrastique has decreased the degassing of its crater. Small pulses of gases coming out of the crater , which do not exceed 100 meters, which are dispersed in the Southwest are observed. Local observers reported a slight smell of sulfur, however, the damage to vegetation located in the west-southwest of the crater, under the effect of acid rain remain.

The volcano continues to emit magmatic gases, primarily water vapor and sulfur dioxide. As of June 19 these values have fluctuated but remain near or above 1000 tonnes / day.

In the last 24 hours, the seismic vibration of the volcano, recorded by the seismic station VSM located at 1700 m on the northern flank of the volcano has fluctuated between 98 and 173 RSAM units per hour, with an average of 144 units. We continue to see a gradual decompression suggesting a downward trend in the system.

The air quality station installed in La Piedra, located three kilometers west of the volcano’s crater, measured concentrations of sulfur dioxide in the air, which were between 0.013 and 0.160 parts per million ( ppm). The recorded data show that during most of the recording, there was the requirement of “good” air.

The gas emitted from the crater of the volcano are transported by the wind direction and the nearest residents volcano communities perceive a smell of sulfur, therefore, the use of masks or wet tissues is recommended, as well as leaving the affected area.
The degassing of the volcano continues but declined, however, continues therefore the recommendation of not to climb to the top of the volcanic cone, because of the damage that the magmatic gases cause to the respiratory system, and there may be a sudden explosion.
MARN continues to monitor the volcano maintains close communication with the General Directorate of Civil Protection and local observers.


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July 03 , 2016.Chaparrastique , El Salvador :

Source : Marn

Photos :, Proteccion Civil ES.

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