Colima , Mexique : growth of the inner crater .

Colima , Mexique : growth of the inner crater .

On Thursday, April 7 the staff of scientific research of the operational area of the State Unit of Civil Protection of Jalisco, on board the helicopter XC-VOY of the state government, conducted an observation flight over the Colima volcano to monitor and analyze the status and evolution of the volcanic crater.

During the flyby, it was observed growth of the inner crater from the inner crater observed on 29 February, which completely changed its structure.
The lava dome that was formed was reduced to rubble and products of rock and ash with continuous exhalations.
Similarly, the interior west of the main crater shows significant collapses of the steep walls, leaving deposits of avalanche.

The upper slopes, until December were covered with lava, they disappeared and are softened by the layer of ash.
Finally an important fumarole activity in the south and the southeast of the crater has been identified and it was found intense activity of exhalations that could reach 2,500 meters high.
Note that the exhalations of major proportions, pose no danger to the population and activities in the area which are located outside the high-risk perimeter established on the map of volcanic hazards.

After analyzing the information gathered, the following scenarios are considered:

1. A dome again occupies the crater and reshapes with lava flows such as those that occurred in the years 2014 and 2015.
2. The lava extruded on the upper slopes and can form pyroclastic flows type Merapi as July 11, 2015.
3. The dome is destroyed by one or more explosions, forming columns capable of generating eruptive pyroclastic flow.
4. the gradual process of destruction of the dome continues, caused by daily exhalations that occur on the volcano.

The UEPCB continues tracking and continuous monitoring of volcanic activity.
Similarly, the exclusion zone established to 7.5 kilometers of the crater and inciting people not to camp in the canyons that drain the volcano is maintained.

April 10 ,  2016.Colima , Mexique :

Source : UEPCB

Photos : Uepcb , Miguel Macias .

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