Colima, Mexique : series of intermittent eruptions.

Colima, Mexique : series of intermittent eruptions.

The eruption of Etna made us forget that other volcanoes are in intense activity, among others, the Colima volcano spews gas and ash columns at its last eruption.

6 DECEMBER 2015. Mexico’s Colima volcano has spewed a column of gas and ash into the sky in the latest of a series of intermittent eruptions. Mexico’s civil protection authorities said the column rose 2,500 metres over the crater before it was pulled by winds heading north-east.

The explosion prompted the civil protection authorities to warn nearby residents to watch for falling ash and to wear face masks when outdoors. Located in the south-western Mexican state of Colima bordering Jalisco, the volcano — known locally as the Fire volcano — has been exhibiting continuous activity since July 9.

December 08, 2015. Colima, Mexique :

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