Cotopaxi, Equateur : 56 000 m3 of volcanic material deposited .

Cotopaxi, Equateur : 56 000 m3 of volcanic material deposited .

Constant emission of ash and gas and increase in shallow earthquakes of rupture.

On August 26 the volcano had a continuous emission of ash with a few breaks, which are mainly oriented to the NW. The cloud of ash, steam and volcanic gases passed the Cordillera Occidental and there are reports of minor ash fall in Santo Domingo and even in some remote areas. Since the beginning of the continuous tremor on the night of Saturday, August 22 at 9:41 p.m., there were very few breaks in the last six days.

The ash fall reports cover vast areas west-southwest of the volcano. They reach thicknesses up to millimeter levels. The last sighting was confirmed by the mayor of Sigchos in the province of Cotopaxi, speaking of damage to livestock, crops outdoors and in greenhouses. During the last 36 hours, the ash fall has left a very dense film of ash on Cotopaxi volcano monitoring stations.

During analysis of the ash falls related to explosions on August 14, it was calculated an approximate volume of 56 000 m3 of volcanic material deposited. Then, in the period from August 15 to 21, another analysis of falls ashes detected by the network of IGEPN estimated that 19,500 m3 were expelled during those six days and was mostly fell back to the north-west .

On 18 and 26 August, the volcano overflights were made to conduct thermal monitoring the volcano using an infrared camera. The results obtained indicate that temperatures of the emissions between the two dates indicated significantly increased to reach about 150 ° C , on images taken on August 26, in addition it has been found that temperatures ( TMA = apparent high temperature ) observed in the different sectors of the volcano are higher than those observed on images on August 18 .

August 29, 2015. Cotopaxi, Equateur :

Source : IGEPN

Photo : José Luis Espinosa Naranjo .

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