Cotopaxi, Equateur : continuous emission of ash .

Cotopaxi, Equateur : continuous emission of ash .

On August 23 the volcano had a continuous emission of ash with a few breaks. This process began during the night of Saturday, August 22 at 9:41 p.m.

Ash falls on the night of 22 was confirmed by the guards at the entrance of Cotopaxi National Park. Yesterday the staff of the IGEPN had found that about 2 mm thick brown ash have accumulated over the past 18 hours.

Yesterday afternoon, ash emissions were observed with the form of tiny mushrooms rising from the crater with a moderate energy. In principle, the heights do not exceed 1 km above the crater. After each emission, the clouds have moved west through the force of winds, more than 2 km heights in some cases .

The emission of gas and volcanic ash, caused by seismic energy release continues  . Compared to previous days, the height of eruptive columns and their scope are larger, suggesting the presence of increased pressure inside the volcano. Maybe this is it related to an increase in the volume of magma.

Ash cloud takes a direction -West -South West, with ash fall on Mulaló, San Ramón and Pastocalle.

August 25, 2015. Cotopaxi, Equateur :

Source : IGEPN

Photos : P Mothes

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