Cuicocha , Ecuador : slight increase of its seismic activity.

Cuicocha , Ecuador :  slight increase of its seismic activity.

The Cuicocha volcano is located in the northern part of the Western Cordillera of Ecuador, 55 km north of Quito, 13 km to the northwest of Otavalo (39,000 inhabitants) and only 10 km west of Cotacachi (9,000 inhabitants). There are 5 seismic stations installed on and around the Cuicocha and Cotacachi volcanoes, as well as a CO2 measurement station and two stations GPS.

The volcanic-complex of Cotacachi Cuicocha has recently experienced a slight increase of its seismic activity, with a maximum of 52 events during the month of November 2015. In January 2016 the activity was maintained with a total of 34 events, all of volcano-tectonic types (VT), related to rock fracturing. During this month, an event considered of abnormally large scale was recorded. Events are considered abnormally high when they have a larger magnitude than (x + 2s) (where X is the average and S is the standard deviation). This event was recorded on January 29 at 10:33 (UT). It has a magnitude of M2,67 (2.377s more than the average of 1,705, where the standard deviation is 0.406).
Another major event was recorded on January 31 at 5:57 (UT), with a magnitude of M 2.41 (1.736s more than average). Both events are VT type .

The locations of the events on the Cuicocha volcano are within 3 km on horizontal distance from the center of the caldera and greater distances to the Northeast. This orientation of the seismicity (Northwest) is the same as that of tectonic faults in the region (NE-SW) (Fiorini & Tibaldi, 2012).

The Geophysical Institute staff made an fly over of the volcano Sumaco , Reventador, Soche and Imbabura on January 28. They had the opportunity to fly over the volcanic complex-Cotacachi Cuicocha and get thermal images.
The report of the mission reported that: “Currently, there is no evidence of surface activity on thermal images obtained . Cuicocha caldera shows no abnormality …”

March 29, 2016.Cuicocha , Ecuador :

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