Erebus, Antartic : 2015-2016 field season team introduction .

Erebus, Antartic : 2015-2016 field season team introduction .

2015-2016 field season team introduction

Mount Erebus Volcano Observatory· January 26,  2016.

The G-081 team assembled on January 5, 2016 in McMurdo Station, Antarctica for the 2015-2016 field season. This represents the 43rd field season in Antarctica for Professor Phil Kyle, expedition leader. The 12 member team brings varied research interests to this field season and represents seven nationalities; half of the team is comprised of women. We are pleased to have an international collaboration with KOPRI (Korea Polar Research Institute) with two Korean geochemists joining the team this year. We will be working at Mount Erebus and also in North Victoria Land this season on a wide array of research areas.

The team:
Dr. Philip Kyle (Principal Investigator, Expedition Leader), New Mexico Tech, USA
Katherine Anderson Aur, IRIS PASSCAL, USA
Tim Burton, UK-based freelance mountaineer, expedition guide, and photographer
Dr. Zoe Burton, Fellow in Pediatric Anesthesia, UK
Jeanine Chmielewski, New Mexico Tech, USA
Dr. Anne Foster, Southwest Care Center, USA
Dr. Ronni Grapenthin, New Mexico Tech, USA
Dr. Eugenia ‘Jane’ Ilyinskaya, University of Leeds, UK
Ji Hyuk Kim, Seoul University, Korea
Dr. Mi Jong Lee, Korea Polar Research Institute, Korea
Dave Parmelee, New Mexico Tech, USA
Dr. Nial Peters, University of Cambridge, UK

The strategic role of McMurdo Sound date of the Heroic Age of Antarctic exploration. The explorers Ernest Shackleton and Robert Scott built bases on the coast as a starting point for their exploration of the interior of the continent.

The base, built in 1956, was originally called Naval Air Facility McMurdo , from the name of Archibald McMurdo , whose site was discovered by the English explorer Robert Falcon Scott. It has a port, three airports, heliport and over a hundred buildings, including one of the few places of worship of the Antarctic continent, the Chapel of the Snows. The station has around 1000 people in summer, but not more than 200 in winter. The majority of the population works in the field of science.

January 27, 2016 : Erebus, Antartic :

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Photos :   Mount Erebus Volcano Observatory.

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