Etna, Sicile : he was heard explosions coming from the crater.

Etna, Sicile : he was heard explosions coming from the  crater.

After the last episode eruptive of the New Southeast Crater, on May 16, 2015, the activity of Etna remained at a very low level, mainly characterized by a degassing, sometimes intense, of the summit craters. In particular the Northeast Crater, which have an open conduit, where degassing is often produced by pulses, accompanied by deep rumblings that, at various times, were audible throughout the summit area. Cracks, degassing , increased during the summer months. During the same period, he was heard explosions coming from the same crater. This activity was accompanied, from the end of July, by sporadic emissions of reddish brown ash. At the Bocca Nuova, at the end of the summer an increase in gas emissions from a deep well in the center of this crater. New Southeast Crater has seen a gradual increase in its fumaroles, and during a visit to the crater made by INGV-OE , on September 23, it was felt small explosions from the easternmost vent of the crater.

Seismic activity of Etna remained generally at a very modest level, with the exception of some small seismic sequences recorded on May 23 and June 3 in the west and in the period from October 9 to 11 on the east side and north -west of the volcano. The total number of seismic events in the Etna region with a magnitude greater or equal than M2,0 in the period from May 17 to October 16, 2015 was 16, for a maximum amplitude of M3,0.

19/10/2015. Etna, Sicile :

Source : INGV

Photo : Turi Caggegi

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