Etna, Sicilia : return of the magma in the crater of Voragine.

Etna, Sicilia : return of the magma in the crater of Voragine.

In the second half of October 2015, there was a return of the magma in the crater of Voragine (often also called « Central ») of Etna, who had shown a similar activity even more intense in the first half of January 2015. during a site visit on October 19 by a technician of the INGV-OE, it was observed an explosive mouth and high temperatures that produced lithic material explosions and puffs of hot ashes rapidly dispersed in the immediate vicinity of the crater.

On October 27, the inner mouth of the Voragine was the site of a dynamic Strombolian activity which has been observed in the morning by the staff of the INGV-OE and in the evening by Etna guides. This activity continued in the following days, as revealed by the camera images at high sensitivity of the Montagnola (EMOH) on the southern flank of the volcano. The aggravation of weather between October 30 and November 2 has prevented direct observations and by the cameras of the INGV-OE.

In the early hours of November 3, with better visibility, the images from the camera EMOH have not shown glows in the Voragine, but in the morning took place a few small ash emissions from the same crater. In the afternoon we again observed a modest strombolian activity as shown in the photo. This activity was composed of Strombolian explosions, sometimes with small ash emissions, continued even during an inspection by the INGV-OE staff in the afternoon of November 4. The products of the current activity continue to fill the internal cavity of the Voragine and began to build a small cone on the crater floor.

November 06, 2015. Etna, Sicilia :

Source : INGV / B Behncke

Photos : B Behncke

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