Etna, Sicily : earthquake swarm on the North East side.

Etna, Sicily : earthquake swarm on the North East side.

Earlier yesterday, Etna‘s seismic network stations recorded an earthquake swarm on the North East side in a zone middle / high. Until 12:45 local time, were recorded 46 earthquakes, most of these event perceptible only at the instrumental level.
The main events took place at 10:28 (magnitude M = 3.8) at 10:32 (M = 2.9) at 10:36 (M = 2.4) and 11:53 (M = 3.2). These events were located in the area between Piano Pernicana and Piano Provenzana at a depth of about 2-4 km of the surface.

Coinciding with the swarm, it was reported incidents of fracture with crack width of about 2-4 cm, which hit the surface of the road Mareneve, at an altitude of 1450 m above the level of the sea
At the same time, were recorded two earthquakes in the area of Solicchiata (lower northern slope of the volcano) at 0:21 local (M = 2.6) and 10:36 local (M = 2.4) with depths between 7 and 14 km.
etnaResearchers from INGV-OE work to characterize the phenomenon through analysis of seismicity and slow deformation of the soil; the operating room continues to monitor the developments, update immediately with the Department of Civil Protection and local civil protection structures.

The episode of Strombolian and effusive activity at Etna’s New Southeast Crater (NSEC) lasted little longer than 48 hours and then ended during the forenoon of 8 December 2015. On the afternoon and evening of 7 December, besides the eruptive vent high on the east flank of the NSEC cone, a second vent was periodically active in the eastern part of the NSEC proper, as seen in the photo at left, taken by Boris Behncke (INGV-Osservatorio Etneo) from Piano del Vescovo, on the southeast flank of the volcano. The main lava flow extended to a distance of almost 4 km, stopping a short distance downslope of the Monte Centenari cone.

During the early morning hours of 8 December, the Strombolian activity at the NSEC progressively diminished and ended on the forenoon of the same day. On the late afternoon, weak Strombolian activity associated with ash emission was observed at the Northeast Crater.

This morning, the Northeast Crater and the NCSE seemed to have an explosive activity (seen by Salvatore Lo Giudice, from Linguaglossa). To see … .

December 12, 2015. Etna, Sicily :

Source : INGV

Photos :  Gio Giusa .

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