Etna, Sicily : Small pyroclastic flows on the Etna volcano.

Etna, Sicily : Small pyroclastic flows on the Etna volcano.

Small pyroclastic flows on the Etna volcano. The activity of the volcano is still high, but there has been a significant change: while explosions and high amplitude tremor continues in the craters of Voragine, it seems that for a few hours, most of the magma migrated to another party, especially to the new pit crater that has been formed, the other day on the upper side of the new South East crater (NCSE).
Here, yesterday around 8:00 am local (depending on time of the webcam) began an intense strombolian activity with emission of dense ash plumes and a small explosion that resulted in a small pyroclastic flow which is down towards the Valley del Bove.

After the four paroxysmal eruptive episodes at the Voragine crater of Etna in the past few days, the focus of eruptive activity has shifted, in the early hours of 6 December 2015, to the New Southeast Crater (NSEC), activating the pit crater that had formed around 25 November on the upper east flank of the NSEC cone .

During the evening hours of 5 December, eruptive activity at the Voragine had progressively diminished; but between 02:00 and 03:00 UTC (=local time -1), the surveillance cameras of the INGV-OE showed the onset of vigorous Strombolian activity from the vent on the east flank of the NSEC cone. At daybreak, repeated collapse of unstable material from the cone’s flank (old material mixed with fragments of hot lava) transformed into hot avalanches, in particular at 06:12 UTC and at 06:57 UTC, which traveled a few hundred meters into the direction of the Valle del Bove.

During the day, observations were partly hampered by weather clouds; as visibility improved in the afternoon, the thermal surveillance camera at Monte Cagliato (EMCT) showed ongoing effusive activity, which had formed two lava flows. One of these had advanced northeastwasrd for less than a kilometer and seemed to be stagnating, whereas the other, well-fed flow was advancing eastward into the direction of the Valle del Bove (see image at lower right, recorded by EMCT on the late evening of 6 December). On the evening, Strombolian activity continued in a constant and regular manner, and the active lava flow had nearly reached the floor of the Valle del Bove. At the time this update is posted, the activity shows no variations.

December 07, 2015. Etna, Sicily :

Source : Avcan,

Photos :  Turi Caggegi .

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