Fuego, Guatemala : Fuego volcano records changes in its eruptive activity.

Fuego, Guatemala : Fuego volcano records changes in its eruptive activity.

According to the analytical department, research and physical services of the National Institute of Seismology, Volcanology, Meteorology and Hydrology -INSIVUMEH-, Fuego volcano records changes in the model observed of its eruptive explosions and columns of ash, rising to 4400 meters above sea level, according to the special bulletin of volcanology BEVFO # 042-2016.

The explosions generated by the Fuego volcano are moderate to high, generating ash columns moving in an eastern direction from the volcano. Degassing sounds and rumblings moderate to strong, shock waves can be heard and felt at more than 10 kilometers, resulting from the model of eruption of the volcano .
The scientific body of national coordination system for disaster prevention-Conred in a special bulletin indicates that this activity is part of the eruptive behavior of the Fuego volcano, considered as the beginning of another phase, during which, in the coming days, can be generated eruptions similar to those recorded previously.

There is also the possibility that in the coming days may show lava flows and pyroclastic flows down from the volcano in the canyons Las Lajas, Trinidad and Barranca Honda, this activity extends to the south coast.

The Executive Secretariat of the CONRED, through the Unit for the Prevention of volcanic hazards, informed the authorities of the departments of Escuintla, Sacatepequez and Chimaltenango on change in eruptive configuration .

The population living in nearby areas must be attentive to the authorities information , avoid rumors and avoid risking his life. If the falling of fine ash particles occur, it is necessary to cover and protect food containers and reservoirs where water is stored for human consumption, to avoid contamination. The general public is invited to keep abreast of information from the authorities, publised in the media.

At the Directorate General of Civil Aviation -DGAC-, it is advisable to take precautions with air navigation because of the ashes are scattered at a distance of approximately 12 kilometers to east direction. And also note that due to the constant changes in wind direction the ash column may change his direction.

March 12, 2016. Fuego, Guatemala :

Source : Conred.

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