Fuego , Guatemala : increase in activity.

Fuego , Guatemala : increase in activity.

Bigining of an eruption on the Fuego volcano .

Type: vulcanian.
Morphology : composite Stratovolcano
Geographical location: 14 ° 28 ’54 “North Latitude, 90 ° 52′ 54” West Longitude.
Height: 3,763m.

As reported in the last 24 hours the Fuego volcano experienced an increase in activity, entering into a phase of eruption with explosions and ash emissions constant, rising to 5,200 meters, and moving in the direction Southwest and West, about 20 km.
The explosions were accompanied by constant rumblings, and are from moderate to strong character.
A lava flow is observed in the direction of Las Lajas Canyonover a distance of 600 meters. Moderate block avalanches occur to the canyons Las Lajas and Trinidad.

Pyroclastic flows descended into the canyon las Lajas, reaching a distance of 3 kilometers, as seen in the photographs.
Ash falls were recorded in Morelia, Hagia Sophia, La Rochelle, Panimaché I and II, and may extend to the southwest of the volcanic complex.
This eruption can increase into energy in the coming hours and generate ash falls over a greater distance. It is also possible to generate other flow of lava and other pyroclastic flows.

To the general population, it is advisable to pay attention to information that the authorities published in the media, newsletters, website and social networks. People who live in areas near the Fuego volcano must avoid risking their lives, avoid rumors and cover food and containers where water is stored for consumption, to avoid contamination. If you know hazardous conditions, an emergency or a disaster, it is necessary to report to the nearest authorities.

To the Directorate General of Civil Aviation -DGAC-, it is advisable to take precautions with air navigation because the presence of ash in suspension. And to pay attention to the ash column which is estimated at 5500 meters above sea level and to the changes in wind direction that may occur during the day.

March 02 , 2016. Fuego , Guatemala :

Source : Insivumeh.

Photo : Sam Dyson

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