Masaya , Nicaragua : Due to the gas pressure , there were vertical movements of the volcano floor,

Masaya , Nicaragua : Due to the gas pressure , there were vertical movements of the volcano floor,

Due to the gas pressure and the constant movement of magma under the Masaya volcano internally, there were vertical movements of the volcano floor, said the spokesman of the government Rosario Murillo, citing a study of United States Geological Survey (USGS for its acronym in English).
Dionisio Rodriguez, PhD in geology and scientific researcher, explained that “the deformations indicate fluid movements in the magma chamber up in the crust near the surface, so that it is deformed, forming a bulge.”

These vertical movements of three centimeters on the floor of the volcano were detected by radars special satellites.
Rodriguez explained that “most deformations can only be detected by indirect methods, geophysical radar and Global Positioning System stations. Geophysical surveys integrate gravimetry. “
The two experts of the Institute of Territorial Studies (INET) and Rodriguez agreed that this deformation field is part of the eruptive process of the volcano.
“This is something normal that happens in any volcano that has activity as the Masaya volcano. Since December last year, there was a magma increase with the implementation of the lava lake, which we enjoyed seeing. this is normal, this occurred in the Masaya volcano for centuries, the crater Santiago did nothing out of the ordinary, “said Armando Saballos, volcanologist of Ineter.

Can not exclude a major eruption.

Rodriguez said that “in this scenario, it can not be excluded a major eruption in the future, we can have it, but it certainly can not predict.”
Meanwhile, Saballos advises that people should be prepared for a possible increase in eruptive activity, but so far, the monitoring information is within normal parameters.
Considering this scenario, the national system of prevention, care and mitigation of disasters (SINAPRED) reported that work in coordination with the INETER continues to update contingency plans that can be updated and prepare population.
“They are prepared independently so there is no danger,” said Guillermo Gonzalez, co-director of SINAPRED.
Meanwhile, Murillo reported that the authorities are seeking to have established all the possible scenarios, tract for access to volcanic activity and existing refuge points .

The INETER undertake new studies.

To get a better understanding of the situation of the eruption of the volcano Masaya, the Nicaraguan Institute of Territorial Studies (INET) continues to develop studies and receive the support of the United States Geological Survey.
Wilfried Strauch, scientific advisor to the INETER reported that next week will arrive in aid to the director of Nicaragua’s Emergency Program volcanic John Pallister of the USGS to further study and evaluate the possibility of cooperation between USGS and INETER on monitoring and early warning of eruptions.


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June 08 , 2016.Masaya , Nicaragua :


Source : La Prensa.

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