Masaya , Nicaragua : exploration visit to the Masaya volcano .

Masaya , Nicaragua : exploration visit to the Masaya volcano .

A group of researchers from the Nicaraguan Institute of Territorial Studies (INETER) conducted an exploration visit to the Masaya volcano, located in southeastern Nicaragua, in eruptive activity since last December.
“Today, the INETER performs an activity on the ground to closely observe the phenomenon, measuring the temperature and ensuring the maintenance of monitoring equipment installed on the volcano,” said the coordinator of the Communication and Council citizenship, Rosario Murillo, to the official media.

She explained that the Masaya volcano, located 23 kilometers to the southeast of Managua, currently shows a slight decrease of its volcanic tremor.
The crater of the Masaya volcano, known by the name of “Santiago”, has been active since last December.
The volcano is located in the Parque Nacional del Volcán Masaya, which is surrounded by a tropical dry forest, growing on porous rocks of ancient eruptions.
A team of National Geographic explorers scientists filmed a documentary on the lava lake that has formed in the volcano, as reported by the government.

Masaya Volcano is one of the seven active volcanoes in Nicaragua and since 1520 has recorded at least 18 periods of different activities, including volcanic eruptions between 1772 and 1820, according to official information.
Experts from the US Geological Survey (USGS) recommended the development and the development of risk maps illustrated for Masaya and Momotombo volcano, also in activity to reduce the risk to neighboring populations.

March 28, 2016.Masaya , Nicaragua :

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