Masaya , Nicaragua : formation of a third mouth .

Masaya , Nicaragua : formation of a third mouth .

The Masaya Volcano Park was closed due to an increased activity.

Nicaraguan authorities have closed today touristic park of Masaya Volcano National Park, southeast of Managua, due to increased activity and a seismic swarm in progress.
“The Masaya Volcano Park can not be opened while the status of the volcano calls us to be vigilant and on alert,” said the coordinator of the Council of Communication and the Minister of Citizenship, Rosario Murillo.
She explained that the crater of the Masaya volcano, known as “Santiago” and located 23 kilometers southeast of Managua, is active and has caused at least 14 earthquakes shallow, between magnitudes 1.6 and 2.8 on the Richter scale.
The volcano of 625 m is located in the Masaya National Park (54 sq km) and surrounded by a tropical dry forest, growing from porous rocks of ancient eruptions.

The most predominant ecosystems in the park are the tropical dry forest and a lagoon that has its origin in a crater.
About 140,000 tourists visit the park each year, according to official statistics, the main attraction is the edge of the active crater of the volcano, which is called “Santiago”.
The Masaya is one of seven active volcanoes in Nicaragua since 1520 and has recorded at least 18 different activities, including volcanic eruptions of 1772 and 1820, according to official information.

The latest release of Ineter:

At 10:40 p.m. yesterday, an earthquake in the caldera of the Masaya volcano, with a magnitude of 3.0 degrees, reported as being felt by residents of communities surrounding the volcano was registered.
The seismic amplitude in real time (RSAM) has moderate to high values between 100 and 620 units.
These high RSAM values are related to the high energy volcanic tremor due to the magma movement in the crater Santiago.
The lava lake in the two mouths of the floor of the crater Santiago is reported visible.
The mouth in the northeastern part of the crater was reopened, possibly because of the earthquakes that took place last night.
In the southern part of the crater Santiago, there is the formation of a third mouth, which will prolong the activity in the coming days. It is very likely that the lava will also be visible in the third mouth.

January 31 , 2016. Masaya , Nicaragua :

Sources : La Estrelle , Ineter.

Photos : Christian Heeb .

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