Masaya , Nicaragua : Masaya volcano’s mouth widens.

Masaya , Nicaragua : Masaya volcano’s mouth widens.

Masaya volcano’s mouth widens.

18 MARCH 2016. Due to several collapsed landslides, one of the openings located at the inner crater of Santiago in the Masaya volcano has widened, allowing better visualize the strong flow of magma. These landslides, explained the government spokeswoman, Rosario Murillo, have been recorded in the inner walls of the crater.

In addition to this change, the Masaya volcano has not produced greater variation in their activity, Murillo said.

Also during a presentation to the diplomatic corps accredited to the country on March 16, the consultant volcanology of the Nicaraguan Institute of Territorial Studies (INETER) Armando Saballos said that the lava lake contained in intercrater of Masaya, is elliptical 10 meters by 20 meters.

Besides the main mouths, as stated Saballos, “there is another opening in the northeastern part of the Santiago crater which is another very small mouth, where lava is also observed”.


Saballos said that since INETER constant monitoring is performed Santiago crater, “because it is a volcano located near a large population center.”

However, so far “we have no indication that this activity of the lava lake of Masaya will transcend to something greater,” said Saballos. According to data compiled from research in the colossus, INETER determined that in early December in Santiago crater “was an injection of magma which is obvious because the lava lake have now shifted.

This correlates well with the geochemical data where we see an increase in the emission of sulfur dioxide magmatic “. Although the Masaya has not loud explosions, the Masaya Volcano National Park remains closed to the public.

March 19, 2016. Masaya , Nicaragua :

Source : LA PRENSA

Photo : Cesar Perez

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