Masaya , Nicaragua : new tremors occurred at Masaya volcano .

Masaya , Nicaragua : new tremors occurred at Masaya volcano .

On Friday 12 February new tremors occurred at Masaya volcano in Nicaragua, which were associated with increased activity that started last December.

At least three shallow earthquakes with magnitudes between 2.1 and 2.8 Richter were recorded Friday morning by the Nicaraguan Institute of Territorial Studies (INET).
Residents of the towns surrounding the volcano, Masaya, Nindirí and Ticuantepe, reported feeling earthquakes. Authorities reported no casualties or damage due to the earthquakes.

That same day, a 4.1 magnitude earthquake alarmed the populations of Managua, Masaya, Nindirí and Ticuantepe, and classes were suspended in the three municipalities.
The Disaster Operations Center (CODE) national is active in Nicaragua, while the government has warned the population about the history of Masaya volcano, this could take several years to erupt.

Nicaraguan authorities maintain a campaign on how to act in case of earthquakes and conduct a mock disaster in all schools in the country on Tuesday.

Between 1:44 and 5:41 am, three earthquakes were recorded in the northwest of the caldera of Masaya volcano, where an earthquake of magnitude M 4.1 degrees occurred on 9th February.
In the analysis by specialists from the INETER, it is stated that seismic activity has the characteristics of the activity of local faults induced by Masaya volcano.
Currently, the volcanic gas emission is moderate, with volcanic tremors with a seismic amplitude in real time (RSAM) moderate to high, to high levels between 180 and 1,000 units.

February 13, 2016. Masaya , Nicaragua :

Sources : La Prensa , Ineter .

Photo : Cesar Perez .

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