Misti , Peru : During this period, no seismic swarms occurred.

Misti , Peru : During this period, no seismic swarms occurred.

The VT type of earthquakes associated with process of fracturing of rocks, recorded a slight decrease in activity compared to the previous period (1 to 30 April 2016). Their average daily rate of occurrence is passed from 24 to 15 VT daily. During this period, no seismic swarms occurred. Such events are located below the main crater at depths between 0.4 km and 2.8 km from the summit of the volcano. The most important event VT of this period took place on May 21 at 6:49 (local time), with a magnitude of 1.6 ml (ML = local magnitude), and was located 1.1 kilometers below the main crater.

Regarding the LP types of earthquakes associated with fluid dynamics (gas and steam) they showed that the rate of average daily presence (<5 LP per day) and energy (<1 Megajoule ) remain low. In addition, the activity of Tremor has not changed much during the previous period. The greatest activity of Tremor corresponds to May 26, with five representative cases. These events were characterized in their duration (<10 minutes) and by low power (<1 MJ).

Regarding the evolution of total daily seismic energy associated with the total activity of the volcano Misti (January-April 2016), greater variation is observed and remains low.

Thermal anomalies: The Mirova system (www.mirova.unito.it) of the University of Turin (Italy) has not detected thermal anomalies on the Misti volcano during that period.
SO2 anomalies: The satellite system GSDM-NASA (http://so2.gsfc.nasa.gov/) “EOS Aura” was not detected major abnormalities of density of SO2 gas (magmatic gases) on the volcano Misti.


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June 01 , 2016.Misti , Peru :

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