Misti, Peru : Volcanic activity remains low.

Misti, Peru : Volcanic activity remains low.

Volcanic activity remains low.

Between 01 and 28 December 2015, events VT type (or fracture) showed a decrease in their daily rate of occurrence. During this period, two seismic swarms on 12 and 25 December were held, with a maximum respectively of 85 and 111 VT events. The biggest VT event recorded in this period took place on 26 to 1:52 (local time) with a magnitude of 1.4 ml.

Earthquakes LP type associated with the passage of fluids (gas and steam) under the Misti Volcano remained low with an occurrence rate of less than 6 earthquakes LP / day. The tremor activity showed no significant change and still shows low energy levels. In this period, the power curve remains low on average less than 5 MJ.

Unable to detect thermal anomalies, and high density values for SO2 for the Misti volcano.

December 30 , 2015. Misti, Peru :

Source : IGP

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