Momotombo , Masaya , Nicaragua : Current activity .

Momotombo , Masaya , Nicaragua : Current activity .

Momotombo volcano.

On the Momotombo, microseismicity remains low, showing a seismic amplitude in real time (RSAM) with low values, less than 100 units.
The possibility of new explosions, producing gases, ash and the expulsion of incandescent material is maintained at all times.

Masaya volcano .

Volcanic tremor oscillations are low. The seismic amplitude in real time (RSAM) is maintained at moderate to high values, between 250 and 900 units.
The lava lake in the crater Santiago continues its normal activity.
The emission of volcanic gas rose slightly.

As for seismic activity, it was recorded at 2:04 p.m. yesterday, an earthquake inside the caldera of Masaya Volcano of magnitude M1,0 degrees.
The edges South and South-West of the crater Santiago, against the Mirador 2 are now showing more instability on their slopes, so there is a possibility of landslides in this area without affecting the population, but it is recommended to keep closed the Masaya volcano park for safety.

April 22 , 2016. Momotombo , Masaya , Nicaragua :


Source : Ineter.

Photo : Photovolcanica, Robin des volcans.

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