Momotombo, Masaya ,Nicaragua : Ongoing activity.

Momotombo, Masaya ,Nicaragua : Ongoing activity.

Momotombo volcano.

At 6:46 today, the Momotombo volcano had another explosion of gas, ash and incandescent material.
The volcanic material column rose to about 1200 meters above the crater, which was dispersed to the West and Southwest.
The emission of gases and ash was held for 16 minutes and created a very large cloud of volcanic ash on top darkening the sky around him.

A total of 88 explosions have occurred on the volcano since the beginning of its recent activity was recorded.
The micro-seismic activity remains the same as the previous weeks, and seismic amplitude in real time (RSAM) is at low to moderate values between 40 and 160 units.

Volcan Masaya.
In the last 24 hours, an increase of magma movement was registered in the Santiago crater of the Masaya volcano with the meeting of the two mouths that were very close in the southwest of the crater.
Currently, the volcanic tremor remains high, having a seismic amplitude in real time (RSAM) moderate to very high, between 400 and 1100 units.

The possibility of explosions occurring in the crater persists and the crater Santiago can expel gas, ash and incandescent rocks, and small amounts of lava.
Specialists from the INETER will make a field visit to the Masaya volcano to observe this phenomenon more closely and make gas monitoring.

March 2, 2016. Momotombo volcano.

Source : Ineter .

Photos : Photovolcanica.


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