Momotombo , Masaya , Telica , Nicaragua : Current activity .

Momotombo , Masaya , Telica , Nicaragua : Current activity .

Bulletin of volcanic activity.
March 28, 2016

Momotombo volcano.
During the weekend, the Momotombo volcano was active, 38 explosions of low magnitude with incandescent rocks and ash emissions were recorded.
Volcanic ash rose to a height of 300 meters above the crater and incandescent materials were scattered to the west and southwest.
The largest explosion took place at 23:40, with an ash column that reached a height of about 1,000 meters above the crater.
In total, there were 405 explosions that have occurred since the volcano began its recent activity on December 1.
A background microseismicity, suggesting that further explosions continue to occur continues.
The seismic amplitude in real time (RSAM) is at low values between 40 and 150 units.

Volcan Masaya.
During the weekend , two earthquakes were recorded in the caldera of the Masaya with magnitudes between 2.2 and M M1,8, which have the characteristics of being induced by the volcanic activity of Masaya.
A strong mixing is held in the lava lake in the crater Santiago, which continues to expand the size of the mouth of the crater.
At this time, there is little gas emission and the seismic amplitude values in real time is low to moderate, between 280 and 850 units.

Telica volcano.
An hight micro-seismicity and low emissions continue.
In the evening, a light was seen in the crater floor.
The seismic amplitude in real time is to low values, less than 80 units.
It is recommended to tourists and the general public not to approach the crater of the volcano as the possibility of new explosions producing gas and volcanic ash persists.

March 31 , 2016. Momotombo , Masaya , Telica , Nicaragua :


Source : Ineter.

Photos :, Cesar Perez .



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