Momotombo, Masaya , Telica , Nicaragua : Current activity .

Momotombo, Masaya , Telica , Nicaragua : Current activity .

Momotombo volcano.

At 6:37 today, a small explosion of gas and ash was recorded, which amounted to about 200 meters above the crater and spreading to the West.
Since the beginning of this eruptive activity has been recorded on the Momotombo volcano, 407 explosions with ejection of volcanic ash.
Since 1:35 this morning, the Momotombo volcano presents a volcanic tremor that weakened for a few minutes, then increased again.
Seismic amplitude in real time (RSAM) is low to moderate, with values between 40-650 units.

Masaya volcano .
Between 8:13 p.m. yesterday and 0:26 today were recorded six earthquakes of magnitude between M 1.0 and M 2.2 , which were located inside the caldera and near the Masaya volcano, which have the characteristics of have been induced by the activity of the volcano.
Volcanic tremor remains high, showing a seismic amplitude in real time moderate to high , between 400 and 1,100 units.
The lava lake in the crater Santiago maintains its normal movement of magma, with low emission of volcanic gases.

Telica volcano.
The micro-seismic activity of the Telica remains high, with low to moderate gas emissions.
The seismic amplitude in real time is to low values, less than 70 units.
Tourists and the general public must not approach the volcano’s crater, since the possibilities of new explosions producing gas and volcanic ash, without warning persists.

April 07 , 2016.Momotombo, Masaya , Telica , Nicaragua :

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Photo : Norman Angus Godfrey

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