Momotombo / Masaya / Telica, Nicaragua : current activity.

Momotombo / Masaya / Telica, Nicaragua : current activity.

Momotombo volcano:
An explosion took place at 13h05 yesterday, with emission of gases, ash and incandescent material, which were deposited on the slopes north and northeast of the volcano. The maximum height reached by the ash column was about 2,000 meters above the crater.
The micro-seismic activity of the volcano is relatively small. The RSAM values decreased significantly, being now below 100 units.

Masaya volcano:
It maintains a high energy tremor with high RSAM values between 350 and 1,000 units, due to the strong movement of magma under the volcano and very near the surface.
At the moment, the volcanic gas emission is low and the lava lake is visible in the open mouth on the floor of the crater Santiago.
Regarding seismic activity, it was not recorded earthquakes.

Telica volcano:
According to the report of specialists from INETER, micro – seismicity remains high under the Telica volcano. This one is associated with fluid flow and small gas explosions.
There is a possibility of emergence of new gas explosions and volcanic ash, at any time, and even expulsion of fragments of hot rocks of different sizes.
It is recommended to tourists and people not to approach the volcano’s crater.

February 17 , 2016. Momotombo / Masaya / Telica, Nicaragua :

Source : Ineter

Photos : Canal6Nicaragua , La Prensa.

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