Momotombo , Masaya , Telica . Nicaragua : Ongoing activity .

Momotombo , Masaya , Telica . Nicaragua : Ongoing activity .

Momotombo volcano.
In the last 24 hours, 02 gas explosions with emission of ash and incandescent material, accompanied by volcanic tremors were recorded. The first explosion took place at 3:44, and was the biggest, emitting a glowing materials column of 800 meters above the crater.

The explosions on the Momotombo that took place over the last 5 days have produced little or very small seismic signals, suggesting that the volcanic conduit opposes only a little resistance to the rise of volcanic material, which decreases the violence of explosions and increases the probability of a lava flow.
The micro-seismic activity of the volcano continues, linked to the movement of fluids beneath the volcano.
Seismic amplitude in real time (RSAM) is at low and moderate levels between 180 and 60 units.

Volcan Masaya.
The lava lake is visible on the floor of the crater Santiago.

The RSAM values are at elevated levels, from 400 to 1,100 units, and are produced by strong magma movement.
Currently, the volcanic gas emission is low, and the possibility of explosions which eject large amount of gas, fragments of incandescent rock and even lava persists .

Telica volcano.
The Telica continues to show micro-seismic activity, movement mainly associated with volcanic fluids and to a lesser extent, small gas explosions.

A slight increase in the volcanic tremor at 2:00 today is recorded.
The possibility of emergence of new gas explosions, with expulsion of volcanic ash and incandescent rocks fragments of different sizes is maintained.
It is recommended to tourists and people not to approach the volcano’s crater.

February 18, 2016. Momotombo , Masaya , Telica . Nicaragua :

Source : INETER.

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