Momotombo, Nicaragua : Reported rumblings and explosions in the Momotombo Volcano.

Momotombo, Nicaragua : Reported rumblings and explosions in the Momotombo Volcano.

Reported rumblings and explosions in the Momotombo Volcano, without major incidents

24 MARCH 2016 The Momotombo Volcano registered explosions at approximately 6:57 pm on Thursday-night.

Communicating through Tu Nueva Radio Ya, Comrade Armando Saballos, from INETER Volcanology, said the Momotombo spewed ash between 1000 and 2000 meters high with incandescent material, a product of this new episode of eruptive process which started last December.
The specialist said that these new explosions are within the normal parameters of the activity of the volcano, which awoke on December 1, 2015 after 110 years of dormancy.

Saballos explained that the Momotombo volcano spent about 4 days in relative calm without experiencing explosions, but “in the last 24 hours the volcano has increased its volcanic tremor, which is part of the eruptive process that this volcano has presented since December last year. This volcanic tremor shows that there has been a slight increase in the activity of the volcano and tonight at 6:57 began to experience some explosions with ash outlet, gases and incandescent material deposited on the slopes of the volcano “, he said.

“Some explosions produce an audible signal that nearby villagers heard as thunders. That’s something completely normal in the volcano, we already have experienced this since December, but this year the volcano’s activity has been lower than what we experienced in the first week of December last year, “he added.

The expert said the activity at the volcano is normal and therefore the population should not be alarmed. “Everything is under the parameters which we have we communicated to the population above and all our surveillance system is on. Everything is under control, so we are communicating to the public this information so that we are calm, there is nothing out of the normal in this volcano, “he said.

Saballos recalled that the entire emergency system that emerges from the SINAPRED remains active to any incident.

“We have been monitoring and reporting every day, although we are at Easter we are always working, our government never rests for ensuring the safety of our people,” said Saballos.

March 26 , 2016. Momotombo, Nicaragua :


Source : EL 19 DIGITAL .

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